The Right Extinguishers for Fire Extinguishers to Your Commercial Building


Choosing the correct fire extinguishers for your business building is an important decision that could save lives. As per the guidelines of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), it is vital to identify the kinds of fire extinguishers needed for various types of commercial structures. HOCS Fire and Security Systems, a leading company for fire protection in India, stresses the importance of using and maintaining as well as regular examinations for fire extinguishers to ensure maximum safety.

Determining the Fire Extinguisher Requirements:

In determining the kind of fire extinguishers required for your specific location, two major aspects should be taken into consideration including the predetermined hazard level and the size of the structure. Hazard levels are categorised according to the following:

  1. Light Fire Hazard: Fire extinguishers should be placed no more than 75 feet apart.
  2. Ordinary Fire Hazard I: Fire extinguishers are required every 75 feet in height.
  3. Ordinary Fire Hazard II: Fire extinguishers should be placed between 30 to 50 feet at a distance.
  4. Extra Fire Hazard: Fire extinguishers should be located within 30 to 50 feet at a distance.
  5. Commercial Kitchens: Fire extinguishers should be installed every 30 feet in height.

Selecting the Right Fire Extinguisher:

For effective prevention of fire, it’s essential to select the right fire extinguisher to protect your commercial structure. HOCS Safety and Fire Systems, a expert in fire protection, offers the following recommendations:

  1. Function: Frequently check the gauge to ensure the fire extinguisher is at the right level. Plan regular maintenance with a professional fire safety service to ensure it’s in good shape.
  2. Accessibility: Position the fire extinguisher in easy reach. Ensure that your staff are educated on the correct use.
  3. Training: Get the most up-to-date fire safety training for your employees so that they can employ fire extinguishers during an emergency effectively.

Employee Training:

It’s the employer’s job to instruct employees on how to use fire extinguishers safely. HOCS Safety and Fire Systems urges companies to invest in fire safety professionals’ training. Employees should be knowledgeable of the P.A.S.S. technique:
  • PULL: The pin is pulled to break the tamper seal.
  • AIM: Keep your eyes low with the extinguishers or hose towards the point of origin of the flame.
  • SQUEEZE: squeeze the handle until you let the extinguishing agent go out.
  • SWEEP: Move from side to side near the bottom of the flame until it appears gone. Keep an eye on the area, and if a fire starts to rekindle, continue steps 2 and 4.
If there is a massive fire, you should take the lead in ensuring safe evacuation and call the fire department immediately.

Selecting the best fire extinguishers is vital to the security of your commercial structure and the people who live there. HOCS Fire and Security Systems is a reputable company for fire protection that stresses the importance of adhering to NFPA guidelines, performing regular maintenance, and offering employees training. By prioritizing fire safety and working with experts in the field, you can create a secure environment that protects lives and property.

For more information about fire extinguishers and equipment to protect against fire, contact HOCS Fire and Security Systems now.

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